Trumpers – You Do NOT Own the American Flag

American Flag

Today is Election Day in the United States and our democracy is at stake.

I would like to remind all Trump voters that they DO NOT OWN the American flag. For some reason, the Trump voters in my neighborhood think they do.

I am very much an American. I am a former registered Republican – for decades. But I can no longer abide what the Republicans stand for.

In fact, as the entire Republican party has evolved, I have moved farther and farther away from its unrelenting negativity and its hatred for anyone who isn’t White and evangelical Christian.

I am very much an anti-Trump voter. He is a disgrace to manhood, and to humankind.

  • I do not agree that ignoring science is the way to get the economy back on track.
  • I do not agree that it’s OK to separate families, children from their parents, and put them in cages.
  • I do not agree that it’s OK to denigrate veterans and Gold Star families.
  • I do not agree that conning voters is OK.

I will not let fascists own the American flag.

I, a just-a-little-left-of-center voter, own the American flag, too.

All Americans own the American flag.

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