There’s Plenty of Blame to Spread Around

Storming the Capitol

Trump isn’t the only one who called for insurrection. Nor is he the only one who ignored science, allowing the pandemic to kill so many people.

He’s the assh*le at the top, so he gets the bulk of the blame, yes. However… follow the money…

Now 5 people are dead because so many have been conned about the 2020 election, and hundreds of thousands more are dead because of the following list who found the pandemic inconvenient and ignored science.

  • All those kiss-ass Republicans who have “forgiven” his transgressions, supported him, and made excuses for him for the past 5 years, including Cabinet members, Congressional Republicans, and White House Staff – they shoulder part of the responsibility, too.
  • They are joined by conservative media – Fox News and NewsMax.
  • Add to them QAnon who seems to get stupid people to believe anything, no matter how outlandish it is (and you can’t fix stupid!).
  • And let’s not forget Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Parler, and others who have let all these self-serving people get away with it.

They ALL have blood on their hands!

Mitt Romney was right. The American people are owed the TRUTH.

And as Americans, as smart citizens, it’s up to us to believe it.

Have you been conned too? If so, this is your time to fix your own stupid.

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