Category: Election 2020

Follow the Money

There is only one reason The Great Orange Trump won’t concede this election and it requires us to follow the money. If people think he has a chance of winning – no matter how ridiculous a notion that is – they will continue sending him, and his campaign, money. Fools. Conned AGAIN! We all know […]

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Trumpers – You Do NOT Own the American Flag

Today is Election Day in the United States and our democracy is at stake. I would like to remind all Trump voters that they DO NOT OWN the American flag. For some reason, the Trump voters in my neighborhood think they do. I am very much an American. I am a former registered Republican – […]

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Not Paying Attention

I’ve just returned from walking my dog, only to find this sign posted in a neighbor’s yard. Immediately, I passed judgement on his lack of intelligence. (And yes, I know him well enough to know that he does lack the ability to assess properly.) Those who supported Donald J. Trump in 2016 were simply too […]

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