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I Love Jim Gaffigan

ICYMI, Jim Gaffigan told it like it is! And I am highly appreciative, and actually, a little jealous of him, too. He posted on social media a few weeks ago, saying, “Look Trumpers I get it. As a kid I was a cubs fan and I know you stick by your team no matter what […]

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What’s the Difference?

Say you drive down the road, and despite the fact that you know you shouldn’t, you decide to send someone a text while you are driving. In a split second, you hit a teenager on a bike who is then hospitalized for weeks – before he dies. Or…. In a split second, you hit a […]

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The Unfairness of Calories

This is how we know the world is not fair. If there is a Hershey bar, or a cheesecake, or a pecan streusel sitting on my kitchen counter, and I eat them, I will probably gain 5 lbs. It would only be fair if I observe them, even pick them up and take a good […]

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Dust to Dust

Did you ever notice that, during certain times of the day (depending on the season) the sun lands on your TV or tabletop and all you see is DUST? Love this sign:

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Pandemic Laundry

I can think of one VERY POSITIVE thing that results from a pandemic. For many weeks now, I have had to do less laundry – only three loads each week instead of four. With no social time, that means no dress up time. With no restaurant eating, that means no spilling down the front of […]

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What Is Gallimaufry?

By definition, “gallimaufry” represents a hodge-podge, a jumble or medley of things. Which is just how my brain feels sometimes, especially at night if I have trouble sleeping. So I’m using this blog as a way to record some of those thoughts. You might agree. You might not. Have it your way.

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