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Will You Die?

You have a good chance of contracting COVID if you don’t wear a mask appropriately, and if you don’t keep your distance. This reminds me of the scary times when we knew AIDs was being transmitted, and people didn’t test before they slept and had sex with someone else – male or female. If you […]

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A Mother’s Day Like No Other

I have to wonder how many mothers will be exposed to the virus because of someone else’s stupid attempt to make them feel loved and cherished. … or because of their own inability to understand that it’s their own right to say NO even as someone else tries to expose them, whether or not that […]

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Pandemic Thoughts

If sunshine actually kills covid-19, as The Big Orange One claims it does, then why do people in Florida, or the Caribbean, or any other place in the world known for its sunshine get sick with the virus? Another one: For all those people who are protesting, and killing others, because they don’t want to […]

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